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Lynn Berg It is interesting what influences children can have on their parents. Such was the case in my household. At the age of 6 1/2 my daughter, Kari, began her studies of the violin. At the age of 8 we changed teachers resulting in the need to have her violin examined by a qualified maker/ repairer. After learning of all the things needing to be done to her fiddle I knew I could do the work if I only knew what to do. Thus began the quest for repair and making knowledge. I ended up at the University of New Hampshire for 11 or 12 summers taking their classes in making and repair of the classical violin.

My daughter's interest in playing has waned a bit but my interest in fiddle making and repair has never wavered. What an enjoyable way to spend a day.

Reviewing my web site you can see my interest has departed from mainstream classical instruments to that of the Norwegian Hardanger Fiddle and alternative shaped acoustical violins.

Lynn has been to Norway 5 times since 1998 visiting makers and entering their bi-annual competition for fiddle making. In June 2002 at the Landskappleiken (national competition) in Vågå, Lynn was awarded a bronze medal for his Hardanger Fiddle. In June 2004 at the Eidfjord Landskappleiken Lynn was awarded a bronze medal for his Hardanger fiddle. At Beiostølen 2006 a bronze medal was received for another Hardangerfiddle and he received the highest tone score.

Lynn and daughter Kari playing on her wedding day in 1997.

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